We are women from every race, tribe and nation.  We represent every economical class, and social and religious background.   We are ordinary women with an extraordinary mission – To defend the sanctity of life, the value and roles of motherhood, traditional families and, traditional marriage in the legal and political arenas.  History gives testimony of the important role of the family as the backbone of all societies and the only healthy environment in which to raise healthy children.  History also proves that married couples (one man and one woman) live longer and enjoy a happier and healthier life.

Women for Life International also provides assistance and support to all countries in providing safe environments for pregnant women to bear their children (no matter how they are concieved), proper maternal health care, life affirming crisis pregnancy intervention, homes for unwed mother’s, parental training and support, abortion recovery counseling and training and pro-life, grassroots activisim to defend life and motherhood.

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