The story of us ( part 1 )

My husband Rajiv, who is a singer- composer, and has composed and sung for several television ad films and movies, and I always wanted two children, if not three. We like the idea of parenting, nurturing and trying to attain an impermeable family unit. So really there wasn’t ever a debate on how many, just the matter of finding a suitable time to start our family. Both our children, have been a blessing to us in more ways than one.

With Trilok, I discovered parenting. Apart from enjoying reading to him and gardening with him, he helped me unravel my joy for cooking, which led me to blogging about baby food. My style of parenting with him is one of introspection. I am learning to tune myself to him. Sometimes, he displays maturity beyond his years. What I’ve come to realise with him is that I must be careful; he is my weakness.

With Tara, I’ve learnt the true meaning of faith and patience, of strength and perseverance. My parenting style with her is largely tailored around her personality. She is strong-willed and rugged. I have to be her guide, but practice restraint. The truth is, she guides me; she is my strength.

Bun in the oven

My first pregnancy and delivery was fairly uneventful. I had Trilok via water birth and I knew that’s how I wanted my second baby delivered, too.

With the usual niggles there was a lot to be thankful for. I got pregnant with Tara soon after Trilok turned two and we were over the moon! The initial weeks proceeded as usual. Then, the time for my scheduled 17th week anomaly scan arrived. We bummed around at the ultrasound oblivious to the news that awaited us.

Rajiv stepped out to drop my son off to play-school. I assured him that I’d be okay. We’d been through the drill before. Moments later I was transferred to a room that seemed like it had a more evolved scanner.

That’s okay though, I wasn’t worried. Just as soon as the probe gave me a 3D view of my bub, I froze. I stared at the screen knowing what I was looking at before the sonographer could even break it to me.